Hood Cleaning Services


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (KEC) or Hood Cleaning Services is about reducing risk of fire. Ninety percent of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Every year, thousands of structure fires are reported by eating and drinking establishments, resulting in millions in property damage. The fire suppressant system successfully extinguishing a threat, with minimal damage to your properties, relies on the quality of work provided by your hood cleaning company and the frequency of exhaust cleanings. Without proper KEC service the chances of your suppression system doing its job will be reduced substantially. Not to mention other health and safety hazards.

By getting into the deepest, hard-to- reach areas of your exhaust system and removing grease that often can’t be seen, you will greatly reduce the risk of damaging fires. It’s also very important to pay great attention to damaging grease run-off on the roof of your building and to make sure access panels are in place for complete duct access.


Grease on the roofs of restaurants is a common problem for restaurants. The grease is produced from the kitchen exhaust fans causing costly roof repairs, fire code violations, EPA/OSHA violations, and employee hazard zones. Grease on the roofs of restaurants can cause roof deterioration, it is a fire hazard, a storm water drainage violation and is just a hazardous mess. We can help by installing the latest containment equipment and maintaining that equipment for you.


According to NFPA Fire Code #96: 1-3.1.3 “All interior surfaces of the exhaust system shall be reasonably accessible for cleaning and inspection purposes.” Openings in vertical ducts are to be on every floor or on the top of the vertical riser if personnel entry is possible. Exhaust fans with duct work connected to both sides must have access within 3 feet (0.92 m) on each side of the fan.

It is important to have access to your exhaust ducts, we can help by installing the correct access and keep you within the regulations, as well as ensuring we are able to mitigate as much risk of fire as possible.


Crossfire can clean your dumpster pad to remove these dirty and less-than-appealing concrete stains. Dirty dumpster pads are pressure washed with industrial grade degreasers and hot water providing you superior results. Dirty dumpster pads are an important environmental and health issue. Many business owners prefer a maintenance cleaning plan to stay on top of this occurring problem and avoid any hassles from the city or county and any fines that may occur because of the results of a neglected dumpster area.


NFPA Standard-96 requires fan access panels on the exhaust fans, allowing all areas of the fan to be inspected and cleaned. Fan access panels allow the technician to clean the back side of the fan blades. Not having access panels results in grease build-up on the blades, which can cause the fan to become off-balance, rattle, and wear-out the bearings and belt, thus degrading the overall effectiveness of the exhaust fan. In addition NFPA requirements for the exhaust fan, it also mandated that ALL runs of ductwork need to have proper access every 6 feet and at every 90 degree angle Crossfire can install exhaust fan and ductwork panels of various sizes at a very competitive price and can be done at the same time as the cleaning.

Why Pay More?

At each cleaning/inspection you get a professional, certified, and uniformed technician. You will also get ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY of all areas that are services, and an AFTER SERVICE REPORT detailing the cleaning progress or any deficiencies; ie. access panels, hinges, wiring, or grease on the roof.

Crossfire is a certified member of CNHCA (Certified National Hood Cleaning Association).

Quality service network.

We believe communication is the key to any successful relationship. At Crossfire, we use industry-specific software designed to network and communicate. This network aids in assuring that not only will the kitchen exhaust system be cleaned to NFPA specifications, but the communication surrounding the entire cleaning experience guarantees quality and accountability.A comprehensive service report, along with labeled photography is used at every cleaning to pinpoint and detail any deficiencies. Our experienced staff is able to focus on quality control through a thorough follow-up after every cleaning to help ensure safety and efficiency.