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CrossFire is the premier provider of Commercial Hood Cleaning
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Leading the way in Exhaust Management and Hood Cleaning services since 1991, Crossfire sets the gold standard in commercial kitchen exhaust management. Our second-generation owner brings over 30 years of expertise, emphasizing safety and excellence in the restaurant industry. Certified by CNHCA and adhering to NFPA Standards, we are committed to protecting your restaurant with thorough cleanings and equipment upgrades to meet local and national Fire Codes.

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“One in five fires (21%) in eating and drinking establishments had a failure to clean as a factor contributing to its ignition.”

NFPA Fire Analysis and Research, Quincy, MA

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Hood Cleaning Services

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Exhaust System Mangement

A Commercial rooftop exhaust fan with grease containment, lift handles, access panel, and a hinge kit installed.

Grease Containment Solutions

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Major Causes of Structure Fires in Eating and Drinking Establishments

U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 7,640 structure fires per year in eating and drinking establishments. These fires caused average annual losses of two civilian deaths, 115 civilian injuries, and $246 million in direct property damage each year.

Cooking equipment
Heating equipment
Electrical distribution, Lighting equipment and Smoking materials

Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services For You.

We provide all the essential tools and services to ensure the safety and integrity of your building and work environment. Specializing in premier Hood Cleaning Services and Grease Containment, we offer professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (KEC) services.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services by CrossFire

A commercial kitchen exhaust hood includes a fan on the roof that draws up smoke, steam, and particulate matter through the ductwork. This system prevents the kitchen from filling with smoke, maintaining a safe and clean environment. Over time, grease and particles accumulate in the system, necessitating regular cleaning to ensure proper ventilation.

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Commercial kitchen hoods should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain safety and compliance with fire codes. The frequency of cleaning depends on usage and can range from monthly to quarterly. Specific guidelines are often provided by local authorities and NFPA standards.

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NFPA 96 Fire Code

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