Hood Cleaning Services
For Restaurants and commercial kitchens in Nashville, Tennessee

Hood Cleaning Services

Learn about our NFPA compliant equipment and Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services.

Exhaust System Management

Learn about NFPA compliant equipment and Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services.

Grease Containment

Ready to Learn how to keep grease off a restaurant's roof?

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CrossFire Hood Cleaning Nashville is dedicated to maintaining the dining excellence of Nashville’s vibrant restaurant scene, from the busy Downtown Broadway to the historic Germantown, ensuring exceptional cleanliness and safety with our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

We might be servicing areas beyond those mentioned. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if your location is within our reach.

Nashville, Tennessee

  • East Nashville, TN
  • West End, Nashville, TN
  • The Gulch, Nashville, TN
  • Germantown, Nashville, TN
  • Music Row, Nashville, TN
  • SoBro (South of Broadway), Nashville, TN
  • Midtown, Nashville, TN
  • Hillsboro Village, Nashville, TN
  • Sylvan Park, Nashville, TN
  • Green Hills, Nashville, TN
  • Bellevue, Nashville, TN
  • Donelson, Nashville, TN
  • Hermitage, Nashville, TN
  • Madison, Nashville, TN
  • Antioch, Nashville, TN
  • Berry Hill, Nashville, TN
  • Brentwood, TN


Nashville, Tennessee

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Hood Cleaning Services In Nashville

Hood Cleanings are necessary and should be done quarterly depending on amount of grease produced.

Hood Cleaning services that match your restaurant

CrossFire Hood Cleaning Nashville ensures your restaurant whether it’s downtown or in the suburbs, remains pristine, safe, and up to code. Grease and residues that accumulate in kitchen exhaust systems pose a significant fire hazard, making regular and through restaurant commercial kitchen cleanings a necessity.

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Comprehensive Exhaust System Management for Nashville Restaurants

We’re here to make sure your exhaust system and restaurant run without a hitch

Optimizing Your Restaurant's Exhaust Systems

Crossfire's Exhaust System Management in Nashville isn’t just about cleaning. Our services include thorough assessments, repairs, and enhancements of exhaust systems, ensuring they meet Nashville's fire and safety codes for a safe and efficient restaurant operation.

Focused Evaluation and Repair

Require an evaluation of your exhaust system? Our services in Nashville include:

Installation Expertise

Ensure your Nashville restaurant is up to all safety standards. Contact Crossfire of Nashville today.

A Commercial rooftop exhaust fan with grease containment, lift handles, access panel, and a hinge kit installed.

Grease Containment for Nashville's Dining Establishments

Capture Grease Effectively with our High-Quality Containment Systems

Ensuring a clean grease-free restaurant environment in Nashville with premium grease containment systems.

Utilizing true-fiiltering grease containment technologies, CrossFire is equipped to handle the unique demands of Nashville’s dining sector.

Safeguard your establishment’s roof from grease damage with our efficient and manageable containment systems.

Our team is eager to help you maintain a clean and compliant commercial kitchen, adhering to NFPA 96 standards

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