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Learn about our NFPA compliant equipment and Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services.

Exhaust System Management

Learn about NFPA compliant equipment and Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services.

Grease Containment

Ready to Learn how to keep grease off a restaurant's roof?

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Crossfire Hood Cleaning Chattanooga TN caters to the thriving restaurant scene, from the Southside Historic District to the scenic Riverfront, remains safe and clean with our restaurant exhaust cleaning services.

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Professional Hood Cleaning Services in Chattanooga

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Chattanooga, TN

Professional Hood Cleaning Services in Chattanooga

CrossFire’s Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning service ensures your local eatery, whether it’s downtown or in the suburbs, remains pristine, safe, and up to code. Grease and residues that accumulate in kitchen exhaust systems pose a significant fire hazard, making regular and through restaurant kitchen cleanings a necessity.

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Comprehensive Exhaust System Management for Chattanooga’s Restaurants

Let's keep your exhaust system running so your restaurant also runs uninterrupted.

Let's Get Your Restaurant Exhaust Fan up to date and up to code

Crossfire's Exhaust System Management in Chattanooga offers more than cleaning. We specialize in evaluating, repairing, and enhancing exhaust systems to meet Chattanooga's fire codes, ensuring your kitchen operates safely and efficiently.

Expert Evaluation and Repair

Need a check-up for your exhaust fan? Our Chattanooga-focused services include:

Equipment Installation

Ensure your restaurant meets all safety standards. Contact Crossfire of Chattanooga today.

A Commercial rooftop exhaust fan with grease containment, lift handles, access panel, and a hinge kit installed.

Grease Containment Systems For Chattanooga's Restaurant Exhaust Fans

Protect Your Roof From Exhaust Fan Grease With True-Filtering Containment Systems

Keep Chattanooga's Restaurant Rooftops Grease-Free with True-Filtering Grease Containment Systems.

CrossFire uses the best equipment in grease containment with true-filtering systems, designed to meet the unique needs of Chattanooga’s vibrant culinary scene. Protect your restaurant’s roof against grease-related hazards with our effective and easy-to-manage solutions.

We’re here to help you maintain a safer and cleaner commercial kitchen environment while adhering NFPA 96 to regulations

A grease containment system installed on a rooftop exhaust fan
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