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Hood Cleaning Services

Learn about our NFPA compliant equipment and Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services.

Exhaust System Management

Learn about NFPA compliant equipment and Exhaust Fan Maintenance Services.

Grease Containment

Ready to Learn how to keep grease off a restaurant's roof?

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CrossFire Hood Cleaning Knoxville is committed to preserving the safety and cleanliness of the city’s dynamic restaurant landscape, spanning from historic Market Square to the scenic riverfront areas, with our exceptional commercial exhaust cleaning services.

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Hood Cleaning Services

Ensure your Knoxville commercial kitchen operates at its best with regular Hood Cleanings

Dedicated Hood Cleaning Services

CrossFire Hood Cleaning Knoxville services are designed to keep your restaurant, whether in the busy city center or a quaint neighborhood, spotlessly clean, safe, and compliant with health regulations. Grease buildup in kitchen exhausts can lead to fire risks, underscoring the importance of consistent, thorough hood cleanings.

Photo verification services for CrossFire Hood Cleaning Knoxville's clients

Exhaust System Care for Knoxville's Restaurants

Your exhaust system's performance is our priority for your restaurant's smooth operation

We can upgrade your rooftop Exhaust Fans Functionality

In Knoxville, CrossFire's Exhaust System Management does more than just clean. We specialize in evaluating, repairing, and improving exhaust systems to comply with Knoxville's fire regulations, ensuring efficient and safe restaurant operations.

Specialized Evaluation And Repair

Looking for an exhaust system check? Our Knoxville-specific services include:

Installation Services

Your restaurant’s safety and compliance are our top priority. Contact Crossfire Hood Cleaning Knoxville today!

A Commercial rooftop exhaust fan with grease containment, lift handles, access panel, and a hinge kit installed.

Grease Containment Options for Knoxville's Restaurant Exhaust Fans

Effective Grease Management with True-Filtering Containment Systems

Grease pooling can damage rooftops. Crossfire is here to help protect your restaurant.

CrossFire uses industry-leading grease containment with true-filtering technology. These systems are come in various sizes to match your specific restaurant’s grease production. Protect your restaurant’s roof against grease-related hazards with our effective and easy-to-manage solutions.

We are here to assist with ensurinig your commercial kitchen remains clean, safe, and up to NFPA codes.

A grease containment system installed on a rooftop exhaust fan
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